Stephen Adams proposed at: 5/31/2011 7:36:02 PM

Sarah Russell accepted at: 5/31/2011 7:36:34 PM

Time difference: 32000 milliseconds (32 total seconds)

Story of proposal:

  1. Bought and
  2. Created test Facebook account
  3. Created Facebook app
  4. contained a simple "YES" button (no "NO" option)
  5. Only Sarah Russell will see the "YES" button.
  6. When Sarah clicks "YES", the date of the proposal (when page first loaded) and the date of the acceptance (when "YES") clicked is logged to a database
  7. Both websites (only after "YES" is clicked) will now show the date/time of proposal, acceptance, and time between each.
  8. A Facebook status update was sent to her Facebook profile letting everyone know AND giving everyone links to these pages
  9. In order to catch her completely offguard, I minified the URL for her, and sent it to her as a text message disguised as such: "Hey, check out this hilarious Pug video. Doesn’t he look like Dewey?"
  10. After she clicked "YES" (and only after she did so!) will I actually drop down on one knee and give her the ring.
*For the nerds out there, this code is in SVN, the data is actually stored in a MySQL database, and it is backed up daily.